In the era of WFH, will lone sales wolves lead the pack? It depends on who you ask. 

Many top sellers are in fact team sellers, although they have not documented their process, they know how to marshall top talent within their own organizations to increase stakeholder engagement.

By defining a viable team selling plan, prior to engaging additonal stakeholders, you create more potential to initiate the problem solving process after the sales enagement process.

Team Selling involves three basic components:

  1. Define a team selling cadence
  2. Align with internal resources
  3. TeamUP with internal champions

Let’s break  down STEP 1 into an easy process workflow:

For XDR’s teaming with AE’s, what’s needed to define a minimum viable account?

It’s important to know all the attributes that characterize your minimum viable account profile.

Once you’ve validated viable account attributes:

  • What is your “sales offer”?
  • When do you expand the account with additional leads?
  • How do you enrich the additional lead records to create a stakeholder map?

For AE’s teaming with SE’s, how can the demo be delivered to support your internal champion?

Once you’ve validated the internal champions you’re going to collaborate with:

  • What third party resources do you need to enable your internal champion?
  • How do you gain their trust in your problem solving process that puts their needs first?
  • What is the ask you need to make to ask them to provide you with stakeholder introductions?

For CSM’s teaming with AE’s, how can you support the sale with customer stories?

Once you’ve validated which customer stories you’re going to market with:

  • Which stories do you introduce that use data to tell the story?
  • Which stories do you introduce that make your customers the hero?
  • Which stories do you introduce that demonstrate a viable transition plan?

What’s in your team selling playbook? Curious to learn more? Inquire with Outbound Edge for an initial team selling assessment to start to define, align, and then TeamUp with your internal champions.