Streamline the Pipeline

Streamline your pipeline with critical assessments of conversations, opportunities, and risk factors. Assess why deals start to stall, go dark, or go south. Convert an outdated sales pipeline into a dynamic sales flywheel with feedback loops to transform account activity into revenue activity.

Chris Ortolano

Meet Chris Ortolano

Founder, Outbound Edge

Chris Ortolano leads the Pipeline Assessment practice at Outbound Edge. Prior to his current role, Chris designed and delivered enablement systems for Cience, learning systems at DiscoverOrg, and call coaching at Execvision.

Chris brings tax, audit, and project accounting experience to his role as a pipeline assessor. Contact Chris to learn how more rigorous pipeline assessment results in more accurate forecasts, realistic coverage, and happier customers.

How We Do It

How We Do It

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Conversation Intelligence

  • Finding the Right Questions
  • Dynamic Sales Conversations
  • Trigger Events and Data Integrity

Pipeline Assessment

  • Finding the Right Metrics
  • Leading and Lagging Indicators
  • Pipeline Notifications and Data Integrity

Risk Assessment

  • Finding the Right Risk Factors
  • Rigorous Qualification Criteria
  • Ongoing Disqualification Criteria

Static Pipeline to Sales Flywheel

Pipeline management is still established on net new revenue as a function of volume, conversions, and time, but not risk. The Sales Flywheel incorporates real time conversation intelligence, pipeline metrics, risk factors and feedback loops to accurately forecast revenue. Feedback loops and real time data are hallmarks of the sales flywheel process.

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